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Water cannons and dogs, but the support of the community
by Mojo 3:09pm Fri Apr 20 '01

Source: Indymedia DC

The largest contingent from DC (perhaps) that has driven up to Quebec today had its first wild and inspiring experience of resistance in the city, on the eve of the opening of the summit.

Groupings are coded into red, yellow, and green contingents, depending on the level of direct action that each is planning. Today there was a convergence of two large marches, consisting of yellow and red contingents (as has been reported elsewhere). This march of thousands ended up at the fence (the barricade) around the perimeter, where the protestors began to call for to bring down the wall, so to speak.

This was accomplished in little time, the fence being torn down, masses of people streamed into the cordoned off area . By this time, police had amassed (in riot gear with shields of course) and began firing tear gas, but not charging at the protestors. In a short matter of time, however, they did charge, but rather hastily retreated - a tactic they practiced over and over - all the while firing tear gas.

Later, I heard but did not see that the cops inside the perimeter brought out dogs, which hey did not unleash but held at bay in a display of force.

What I did see were the very large police vehicles that they brought in to disperse us after a number of us had moved down a block away from the perimeter (the tear gas being rather thick and affecting people). Masses were still gathered at this intersection when two enormous police trucks rolled in, equipped with water cannons, which they proceeded to fire at the protestors. Protestors responded by actually breaking the windows of one of the trucks.

Ive also heard that the cops fired tear gas in residential areas, which will only serve to rile up more people and increase our numbers in the streets. The support of the community here is overwhelmingly with the protests and against the FTAA and residents generally seem to perceive the FTAA as American imperialism, at least in part.

More action continues as I write, and will continue. For an outsiders perspective, this city seems to be a very poor venue choice for the Summit, much like Seattle in 99.