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Sun Sep  8 22:29:53 1996

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Text date: 02.09.1996

First reaction of Felipe, chairman of XS4ALL: Subject: Radikal website( forbidden in Germany

Hello, Today XS4ALL heard from a colleague provider in Germany that soon the access to XS4ALL will be closed for german internet users. This is because of the webpages of the magazine 'Radikal' that are on XS4ALL.

This magazine is illegal in Germany because so-called TERRORISTS are said to be part of the organisation and because the magazine is said to be calling for radical actions against the german gouvernment.

The only way for them to block access to this site, is to block out XS4ALL completely, we expect this to take place shortly.

Xs4all is not planning to ask Radikal to find another provider, neither from the Dutch gouvernment nor from the German gouvernment have there been formal requests towards Xs4all.

People who feel the need to donate webspace to Radikal can contact, spreading the information makes it harder to block specific sites such as xs4all.