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Sun Sep  8 22:29:38 1996

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Text date: 02.09.1996

Subject: Radikal: German State tries to forbid left-wing newspaper. Urgent action needed.

Today 2-9-1996, our ISP XS4ALL got a phonecall that the German Authorities are planning to force German Internet Providers to shutdown all traffic from and to XS4ALL. This because of the Radikal-pages on the xs4all WWW-server.
We are calling for people to mirror this site. Our goal is that in the shortest possible time Germany will cut off all IP-traffic comming from and going to all other countries (We aim to make Germany cut off all IP-traffic in the shortest possible time), so that they will isolate and senzor their own "digital highway". Help germany to isolate itself. Download a copy of this site and make a mirror.

We, Solidaritygroup with Political Prisoners, have started this site after the attack from the german goverment in summer'95 in solidarity with the people who were jailed after a brutal raid then, and because we find it important that the Radikal can be distributed without (german) gouvernement interverance.

SPG-Amsterdam (2nd september 1996)